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Fine Craftsman Lumber sells high-quality American hardwoods to weekend woodworkers, professional furniture makers, cabinet shops, window and door manufacturers, and other custom shops. We have a network of carriers that service the continental U.S. so every craftsman has a supplier of high-quality American hardwoods.

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Making Butcher Block: Fine Craftsman Lumber Style

Making Butcher Block: Fine Craftsman Lumber Style

Butcher blocks can be used for kitchen countertops, island tops, chopping boards, or even a durable workbench top. Butcher blocks provide warm tones from the wood, but also the durability needed in the kitchen or shop. An added benefit is that cutting and chopping can...

Buying Lumber Online: Time to Make the Switch?

Buying Lumber Online: Time to Make the Switch?

The world is changing, and as it changes it’s important that we change with it. Over the past 10-20 years, there has been an increase in the number of online stores across many industries. The lumber industry isn’t any different. More and more lumber suppliers are...

4 Steps to Understand Nominal and Actual Sizes

4 Steps to Understand Nominal and Actual Sizes

From simple things like specie to milling options like straight-line ripping or sanding, buying lumber can be tricky. One of the biggest catches to lumber is the size. If you are buying lumber, you might notice that the size that the lumber is advertised isn’t the...

My experience with Fine Craftsman Lumber was excellent! In my case, I was just looking for 4 hard maple pieces ( 1.5″x14″x14.5″) and delivered within a week and they were exactly what I had been looking for about a month! 


Excellent customer service. Great selection of high-quality lumber.

Tom Coy

Thank you for all the help. You were right, the curly maple is perfect for my projects.  It really was a pleasant experience to be able to select from such a quantity of beautiful lumber.

James H.

This was my first time buying from Fine Craftsman Lumber and I was not disappointed! The board came well packaged with no damage. The board was perfect, 100% usable, beautiful grain and super finish. I cannot wait to begin the project. I will definitely buy from them again!

Mark Ford

Delivering sustainable, high-quality lumber for 90 years.

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