3-Point Friday is Fine Craftsman Lumber’s weekly blog of items we have found during the week that stayed in our memory. This week we dedicate to hardwood slabs.

A Japanese Master Craftsman

A very well done YouTube production, “I Spent 3-Months With A Japanese Master Craftsman,” documents a true artisan using a walnut slab to craft a beautiful desk for Tokyo Lens. If you are in need of a slab for a live edge slab project, check out our inventory.

Auto-Body Repair Meets Woodworking

I am too young to remember cars called “Woodie’s,” where the body was made from wood.  But in one of our past videos, we use fiberglass resin as a replacement to epoxy to fill the voids in an elm bar top. Fiberglass resin is traditionally used in auto body repairs. We used Bondo Fiberglass Resin Stage 2 in our project. The fiberglass resin makes for a more affordable alternative to epoxy.

Joke We’re Telling

What do you call a piece of wood that has nothing to do?

Bored (board)

Let us Know!

What live edge slab projects are you working on?

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