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Cross-Laminated Timber

For the past two years, I have become more aware of a new construction method of using Cross Laminated Timber or CLT.  The International Building Code, IBC, has approved mass timber buildings up to 18 stories.  In the U.S., mass timber structures are popping up in our cities along with plants that manufacture the beams and panels used to construct the building.  Here is an article by Forbes, published online Monday, April 20 that gives a brief introduction to CLT buildings.

Glacial Influence on High-Quality Lumber

Our winters in Wisconsin are known for being quite cold.  Some days in January, the temperature will not rise above 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  But Thirty Thousand years ago it was even colder.  Where I sit right now, there was a sheet of ice 12,000 feet high and stayed for the next 15,000 years.  As the glacier expanded into our region, it created a massive erosion event, moving soil and trapping it, as it developed from the Arctic down through Canada and the U.S.  As temperatures warmed, the glacier melted and high-quality soil settled into this region that is conducive for some of the highest quality hardwood in the world. Check out this article for more info!

COVID 19 Food Relief

We follow Blacktail Studio on YouTube, and they have an impressive table made from a Black Walnut slab.  They are donating the proceeds from the table to COVID-19 food relief. Check out his video here.

Our Question for You!

Do you know how glaciers may have affected your area?

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