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Woodwind Instruments

As a young, grade-student, a lot of us were required to play a recorder in music class.  My memory was of an awful sound coming from a 2nd-grade classroom full of children.  Though I don’t play a woodwind instrument, I play guitar, but I have always enjoyed the sound of woodwind instruments. Classic rock bands like Jethro Tull and Marshall Tucker Band have included the flute in their music, leading them into my collection of vinyl records.  Here is a short blog I found on the history of woodwind instruments.  Yes, they were originally wood.  Thanks Prince Music Company for the quick lesson.

Thermally Modified Wood

Thermally modified wood is starting to catch on here in the U.S.  It is wood that has been heated to high temperatures and so “crystallizes” or “cooks” the sugars in the wood.  This causes the wood to darken in color and become decay resistant. Because all the sugars are crystallized, bacteria, fungus, and pests aren’t attracted to the wood. Thermally modified wood is an excellent alternative to chemically treated wood.  My friend in the hardwood industry has written an article, detailing thermally modified wood.

Hardwood Information

There is an all-encompassing website about American hardwood.  It is the most powerful tool on the internet about American hardwood.  It is worth a bookmark in your web browser.

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