3-Point Friday is Fine Craftsman Lumber’s weekly blog of items we have found during the week that stayed in our memory.

Northcentral Technical College Wood Technology Center for Excellence

In Antigo, WI, there is an educational gem at Northcentral Technical College’s regional campus .  It is the college’s Wood Technology Center for Excellence.  It is has been graduating students since 2013, and employing them in primary and secondary wood manufacturing businesses across the country.  Students learn skills from a log yard through the loading dock of furniture manufacturing plants.

Burl Blog

I spend parts of the week reading wood-related blogs.  Here’s a blog I read last night about burls.  It covers how they are constructed, how to remove them, and what to make with them.

Landscaping with Wood

A month ago, I constructed a tree skirt, for a small flower garden, around the black spruce tree in my yard.  For that project, I used 3 ½” x 6” red oak timbers, 12 feet long.  I like the heavy timbers for the amount of topsoil I needed to fill the area.  Here is a video of using wood timbers used in a small area around a house.

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