3-Point Friday is Fine Craftsman Lumber’s weekly blog of items we have found during the week that stayed in our memory.

This week begins with a moisture content subject, then we have some fun, and finally, finish on a serious note.

Moisture Content

A common problem for woodworkers is wood movement after projects are completed.  The reason is fluctuating moisture content in the wood after the project is complete.  Jessica did a video in 2019 that describes moisture content and how it’s measured.  We will follow-up on this topic in later 3-Point Friday’s.

How is Toilet Paper Made

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shortage of toilet paper caused panic among U.S. citizens.  Why can’t a paper company switch from making printed paper to toilet paper and solve the problem?  Watching this YouTube video shows how technical the machinery is to produce any paper.  Switching over is not easy.

Lifting COVID Restrictions

Across the country, COVID related restrictions are being lifted by states and local authorities.  I want to remind everyone to continue using caution and safe hygiene practices until we defeat this virus one way or another.

Stay Safe!

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend and keep thoughts and prayers going for those families who lost loved ones that have defended our freedom.

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