3-Point Friday is Fine Craftsman Lumber’s weekly blog of items we have found during the week that stayed in our memory.

3-Point Friday Topics

A question was submitted about how I select 3-point Friday topics.  The quick answer to that question is, it is random.  Most of the topics are brought to my attention through emails received during the week.  However, I enjoy surfing videos for cool projects posted by artisans like you.  If you have a project video and would like it featured here, you can submit it to our website along with a note that you would like it featured on 3-Point Friday, we will post it there, and I will promote it on 3-Point Friday

Mass Timber Stadium

How cool is this?  The Forest Green Rovers Football Club in Gloucestershire, England, is building a mass timber stadium.  Through careful planning, the Rovers are looking at a three-year construction process for the complete, environmentally friendly, stadium complex.  You can read about it here.  A massive shout-out to @DaleVince, chairman of the Rovers for recognizing timber products as a viable, “green,” product source.

Old Logging and Mill Footage

A few weeks ago, we posted a vlog tour of our sawmill.  Check this video of logging and sawmilling in the Pacific Northwest in the 1920s.  These were tough dudes.

Stay safe!

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