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4/4 Hard Maple 20 bd. ft. Fine Craftsman Value Pack

4/4 Hard Maple 20 bd. ft. Fine Craftsman Value Pack


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We are the pioneers of white hard maple for a reason. In 1990, we designed the first kiln drying process that increased airflow and venting capacities during the drying cycle. This method enabled us to keep hard maple consistently white throughout each kiln charge. Twenty-five years later, customers continue to rave about our unique ability to provide such bright hard maple. Our superior hard maple is grown in the most desirable northern hardwood regions of Michigan and Wisconsin and dried consistently white year round. White hard maple is great for cabinets, furniture, flooring, doors and architectural moulding and millwork.

Why a value pack? Our value pack pricing includes shipping, and each box is shipped using UPS Ground and come sanded to thickness and straight line ripped one edge. Value packs are perfect for projects that only require a small amount of lumber. Our value packs are designed to meet the lengths needed for most projects, 4-7’. Please contact us for specific widths and lengths.

Product Details

Straight Line Ripped One Edge



Hard Maple

Nominal Thickness


Sanded Thickness



3" to 9" wide


4' to 7' lengths

Board Feet

20 bd. ft. package

Pack Type

Value Pack


Fine Craftsman Grade (95% Clear)


Consistent sap color, no color streaking


Minimal wane


Consistently dried to a moisture content between 6-8% and properly conditioned.


Minimal worm track allowed. Very minimal end cracks. No knots on better face. 1/4” sound knots on bad face. No splits, cracks or checking.


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