In the Workshop: Richard with Twenty Forty Four Woodworks (XX44 Woodworks)

Richard Smith Woodworker

Hey guys, my name is Richard Smith and I am the creator behind a small Brooklyn-based woodworking operation called Twenty Forty Four Woodworks (xx44 woodworks). I was born and raised in Brooklyn and have lived here my entire life, even before it was the trendy place for fashion & the arts! I live in a generous sized (for New York) one-bedroom duplex apartment, where I have a small workshop, spanning just about 80 sq ft. From my in-home workshop, I create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for friends, family and a small clientele along with cutting boards and other custom homewares.


My woodworking story is a bit unique in the sense that I actually work full-time in luxury retail management in New York City and find the time for my woodworking after-hours and on the weekends. Naturally, as someone who has worked in fashion for over a decade, I always find myself surrounded with premium quality things which I grew an immense admiration for – which helps drive my love for designing / crafting furniture.

Just about 3 years ago, I was moving to a new apartment (where I currently reside) and my girlfriend was ready to shop up a storm for new furniture to decorate the place. But I figured, “Hey, let me try to make our dining table” and she skeptically said, ”Ok.” I took to YouTube and started researching how-to’s and different designs that could work for our space; I ended up making a dining table and TV console from plumbing pipes and construction grade lumber from Home Depot. While they did the job, fast forward to today and I have come a LONG way from that first DIY style project. I spend just about all my extra time perfecting my craft and learning new techniques that have brought me to this point; literally all my time, those 2 hours in the morning before I go to work, the 3 hours after I arrive home, before dinner and then even some time after dinner, before bed. 


Today, I generally work on about 2-3 commissioned pieces a month ranging in project size of spice racks to dining tables, dressers, media consoles and bed frames. I really love working with an array of different woods and working closely with customers to really make their piece special.

In this last year, I’ve been able to gain traction on social media that has allowed me to gain customers all the way from New York to California. It’s also helped me get noticed from some of the other woodworkers I learn from & lumber yards like Fine Craftsman Lumber – who reached out and asked me to share my own story and genuine experience working with their wood.


Why I Order from Fine Craftsman Lumber

Being in Brooklyn, I don’t have access to any lumber yards nearby – so every time I need lumber for a new project, I have to order everything online. I’ve gone through my fair share of lumber yards (it’s all trial and error) but when I discovered Fine Craftsman Lumber, I really lucked out. They’re now my go-to for my American lumber needs!!

Beautiful Wood

I have never been disappointed with any shipment I’ve ordered from Fine Craftsman Lumber, but I especially love the American Lumbers from them; cherry, walnut, white ash, oak & maple.

They offer Value Packs with Free Shipping

Fine Craftsman Lumber’s value packs are super flexible, making it one of the most cost effective ways to buy lumber for my bigger projects. The free shipping is clutch!! Most of the time when I’m buying large amounts from other lumber yards, the shipping price can be just as expensive as the lumber itself.


Complimentary Added Perks with Value Packs

Fine Craftsman Lumber offers free sanding and straight edge rip one edge on all value packs.

Supporting a Small Business

This one is important! As independent woodworkers, we know the value of just one new customer; it changes your whole month or even year. The fact that Fine Craftsman Lumber is a small, independently run businesses means that every time I order something, it goes directly into making their business possible. With that, they also have real people who are super helpful and always there to answer your questions.

Find me on Instagram: @XX44WoodWorks

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