Straight From the Source: Where Do We Get Our Lumber?

Most customers like to know how their lumber is sourced. Maybe you only buy sustainably sourced materials. Or perhaps you prefer to work with lumber that is 100% grown and sourced in the USA. Regardless, we are quite proud that the majority of the lumber we sell comes from our back yard here in north central Wisconsin. Get to know us and where we get our lumber:

Aspen and Basswood

Our aspen and basswood come from northern and central Wisconsin.

Black Ash

Our black ash is primarily sourced in northern and central Wisconsin. Black ash is often found near swaps which can make harvesting the trees a challenging task.

Black Walnut

There are very few black walnut stands in Wisconsin. This forces us to purchase the lumber elsewhere. We typically purchase our walnut from suppliers in Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri.


Our cherry comes from northern and central Wisconsin. Although it’s not from the Appalachian region, (the best stands of cherry in the US) our cherry has uniform color with minimal pin knots and gum streaks.

Hard and Soft Maple (Including birdseye and curly hard maple and tigerstripe soft maple)

Our hard and soft maple is sourced from the best stands of maple in the US, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin. Our region provides the most ideal growing conditions for tight, uniform grain with the brightest white color.


Hickory, just like black walnut, typically doesn’t grow locally for us. We source most of our hickory from Iowa.

Red Oak

Our red oak is primarily sourced from northern and central Wisconsin. Red oak grown in these slow growth forests provide tight grained Northern oak.

White Ash

Our white ash comes from northern and central Wisconsin. With the emerald ash borer wiping out ash stands across the US, you’ll want to get your hands on ash while you can.

Passionate about Lumber

We consist of a small team that only sells and ships lumber that we would use for ourselves. Northern Wisconsin is home and we don’t take lightly how fortunate we are to live among such a variety of hardwood species. We sell and ship lumber in any quantity. Need 20 bf? Check out our Value Packs. What about 100-500 bf? Look at our Shop Packs. Looking for quantities larger than 500 bf? Contact us at 1-888-903-3033 or at [email protected] and we can get the lumber to you. And lastly, if you are looking for a product and don’t see it on our website, contact us and we’ll see if we have what you need or we can point you in the right direction.

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