Our value packs work great for a weekend woodworker or someone in need of smaller volumes of lumber. They are simple to order and the lumber is shipped right to your door. The specifications for each value pack are listed in the product details on each of our product pages, but here’s what you need to know:

10 or 20 Board Foot Quantities

There are (typically) two sizes of value packs, 10 and 20 board feet. The pack will contain the exact amount of lumber. Have questions on board feet or need help calculating it, check out our board foot calculator!

Straight Line Ripped one Edge

In our value packs, you can select to have your lumber straight line ripped one edge (SLR1E) for no extra charge. By choosing this option, we will rip one edge of the board straight. This makes a straight and square edge allowing you to skip jointing the edge before you start ripping the lumber for your project.

Sanded to Thickness

Just like SLR1E, you can also select to have your value pack sanded to thickness for no extra fee. The sanded thickness is 1/16” less than the actual thickness of the board. For example, 15/16” thick lumber gets sanded to 13/16.”


We sell our lumber at random width, which means the width isn’t dimensioned to a standard width(s). The boards in our value packs will range in width from 4-8”. Occasionally, we’ll have boards wider than 8”, but it’s not a guarantee. As mentioned before, we can SLR1E to get you a square edge for no extra charge.


Since our value packs are shipped via UPS ground, the package cannot exceed 96”. We also sell our lumber at random length. This means the lumber in value packs are 4-7’ in length. The longest boards we can ship through UPS are 92”.


Some of our value packs come in a couple different thicknesses. Most packs are 4/4 that have been surfaced to 15/16”. (Basswood, White Ash, and Aspen come as rough sawn.) Make sure to check the product description for details on thickness.


The grade of the value pack will always be specified in the product description. Typically, figured woods are sold as #1 Common and Better. Other species are sold as Select and Better, FAS, or Fine Craftsman Grade.

Shipping Included

One of the biggest positives to our value packs is there are no shipping charges! Our goal always has been and always will be to get high quality American hardwoods to you at the best price we can!

Need Something Custom?

Are you looking for a custom thickness, width, or length? Contact us at [email protected] or 1-888-903-3133 for availability and a quote.

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