3 Benefits to Buying Lumber in Bulk

If you’ve never purchased lumber in bulk before, you may not realize there are a number of advantages that it provides a woodworker. While buying small quantities at one time may seem like a more economical option, there are actually same great reasons why you should consider a bulk lumber order next time. Here are our top three benefits for buying lumber in bulk:

1. Inventory for Future Projects

When you’re in your shop and ready to create, the last thing you want is to run out of lumber. Holding inventory on regularly used species is super helpful in these cases. Holding inventory allows you to work in your shop when you’re ready and not need to worry about being a board short mid-project. You don’t have to plan a trip to the lumber yard or wait for your lumber to get shipped to you. And by not having to run to the lumber yard or your online supplier every time you want to start a project, you end up saving yourself a lot of time and hassle.

2. Perfect Boards for the Perfect Project

Buying in bulk also offers a lot of board variety. When you have numerous boards to choose from, you can decide what works best for your project in terms of color, sawing pattern, and character. When you buy in small quantities, you get what you get, and you can only be so particular about it. Bulk quantities can allow for laying out a perfect color and grain matched table top, or a consistent colored cherry coffee table. You have control of what boards you use for each project.

3. Saves Money

The biggest benefit to buying in bulk is the money savings. Just about every company provides better rates when an item is bought in bulk. Lumber isn’t any different. The more you buy, the cheaper the lumber becomes. Most lumber companies provide a price break at 100-999 board feet, 1000+ board feet, and finally a truckload quantity.

Implementing Bulk Quantities into Your Shop

Buying in bulk is pretty simple to implement. Review your past lumber purchases and pay attention to what species, how much, and how frequently you buy it. If you buy 50 board feet of 4/4 walnut, 30 board feet of cherry, and 20 board feet of hard maple every month, buy that quantity of lumber all in one purchase.
One heads up: Make sure you have the inventory space for it, and if you don’t, create the space. You don’t want to have so much lumber in your shop that it makes working unsafe. Lumber racks can be mounted to walls to keep lumber out of your way but still easily accessible.

Here at Fine Craftsman Lumber, we offer Shop Pack options that are perfect for our customers looking for 100 board foot quantities or higher. Need truckload quantities? Contact us and we’ll be able to help.

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