Hi, I’m Jack. I’m the Founder and Furniture Maker at Salish Sea Woodworks. We’re based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just eight miles from the Emerald City of Seattle, WA – but we have wonderful customers all over the US! We are a small production, fine hardwood furniture company where every piece that leaves the shop is entirely hand-made and hand-finished (by me!).

I’ve got a bit of a different story, in my former life I was trained as PhD Biologist, and I actually studied the physiology of penguins! I’ve been woodworking and making furniture since high school. After finishing graduate school and four years of fellowships, I decided on a different direction. I decided to transform my life-long hobby into a full-service custom woodworking shop. I’ve dedicated myself to providing personalized customer service and beautiful, detailed, custom hardwood furniture. I’ve developed my own style and committed myself to being a dedicated student of traditional and modern fine-woodworking techniques. I embrace the challenges and truly love the work. I believe in a tenacious and selfless commitment to my customers – ensuring that they love the piece they have ordered. Everything that leaves my shop, I have built from start to finish, from selecting the best boards to applying the final coats of finish.

While I have an evolving catalog of available designs, I thrive on working with our customers to create custom pieces that perfectly fit their needs – I’ve created everything from custom teak loom benches, to walnut and maple end tables with hidden compartments that hide WIFI hardware. I love a good challenge!

It is my goal to create stunning, timeless pieces that you and your families will enjoy for generations. When you contact Salish Sea Woodworks, I’m the one you’ll reach.

In this post, I was asked by the great folks at Fine Craftsman Lumber to share my honest experience with their products and their service. I’ve been so happy with FCL that I’d like to offer an additional 5% off Salish Sea Woodworks Furniture with the coupon code “FineCraftsman” – yes, even on sale items J

~ Jack

Gooserocks Cherry Coffee Table – Salish Sea Woodworks

Why I Order from Fine Craftsman Lumber

I source the wood for all my products from sustainably and responsibly harvested lumber and a variety of sources to be sure I’m getting the highest quality wood for the best pricing. In addition to supporting my local family-owned lumber yards, I am always searching for trusted suppliers nationwide that provide quality lumber at a reasonable price. There are a few important reasons I love ordering from Fine Craftsman: lumber quality, price and efficiency. These, combined with their amazing customer service (thanks Jessica!), are the reason I trust FCL as one of the suppliers for Salish Sea Woodworks.

The quality and design of any fine furniture piece ultimately starts with the quality of the wood.  This is the primary reason I order from FCL. I know that when my wood arrives from FCL, the boards will arrive free of defects, flat and straight. I’ve worked with FCL’s signature hard maple, cherry and walnut.

For both hobby and professional woodworkers, lumber is often the most costly part of any project. When sourcing lumber, I’m always comparing costs. I’ve found that, on average, FCL provides the best pricing per board-foot, even including shipping. 

Muir Sideboard Table – Salish Sea Woodworks

I know we’ve all heard the adage, “Time is money,” but for an independent furniture maker, this couldn’t be more true. I was initially hesitant to order lumber sight-unseen, but after seeing that the quality of the lumber from FCL is superb, ordering lumber online from FCL has saved me so much time and money. I really like that when I order 10 or 20 board foot value packs, I receive my wood in as little as 3 or 4 days via UPS. I’ve also ordered as much as 300 board feet and even with freight shipping, this large order arrived within a week. With this freight shipping, I was also able to get very long boards (12ft) that would not fit in my work vehicle.

When I was first getting started and upgrading my shop from hobby to professional tools, I really liked that Fine Craftsman offered to both straight-line rip and pre-sand lumber to 13/16th. Therefore, I could jump right into my projects without having to worry about milling my own lumber. Now that I’ve upgraded my shop, I like that FCL provides full-thickness lumber so I can custom mill to my own needs. Their customer service has been wonderful and I have been able to get special lengths and widths for my customer’s custom commissions.

Overall, why I’ve been so happy with Fine Craftsman Lumber is that they provide very high quality lumber, at a competitive price, shipped directly to my door.

Loom Benches – Salish Sea Woodworks

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